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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility of Powerful Oil.
Every business has its social dimensions, CSR – or Corporate Social Responsibility- has become an integral part of businesses today. Having become the largest oil marketing company in the nation

P-Oil is a multinational corporation that many years has been intimately involved in Nigeria's economy, politics and overall development. The company brings reliable lighting and electric power to people and small businesses who've never known it before, creating thousands of jobs and educating and training thousands in the process. The company has spent millions working with NGOs and community development organizations to strengthen education and health care.

It has now made itself synonymous with community contribution. Our main CSR thrusts are Education, health care and community building which entails activities for women empowerment, children welfare and relief efforts during and after natural calamities have emerged.

The company engaged in a plethora of initiatives encompassing Education, Healthcare, Community building, Women empowerment, Special children welfare, Sports development and Relief Activities. The company has led from the front in its CSR campaign by financially supporting several national educational institutes in order to enable the outreach of education to the underprivileged across the country.

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