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Powerful D-LUX CF-4

Amazingly pure and finest D LUX CF 4 Diesel Engine Oil.


Powerful Dynamic D-LUX is top rated, multi grade diesel engine oil specially engineered to grease a wide selection of diesel and gasoline engines in need of API CF-4 overall performance lubricants.


  • Blended thoroughly fleets of diesel-powered motors engines (high-speed, four-stroke, turbocharged or effortlessly aspirated)
  • Mixed fleets of both diesel fuel and gasoline engines
  • Industrial road transportation
  • Off-highway vehicles and plant
  • Small to medium sized diesel-powered machines in underwater assistance (e.g. sport fishing, water transport, and so on.)
  • Power generator sets
  • Power shift transmissions (where oil type and viscosity are suitable)


Maximum power output

Superior detergent/dispersant ingredient system retains power output through providing exceptional deposit control beneath the extreme temperature circumstances experienced in turbocharged engines.

Dramatically Reduces cost of Maintenance

Impressive detergent component system reduces piston crown land deposits be responsible for impaired bore polishing. The proven metallo-organic anti-wear ingredient system decreases wear in engines under extreme service by developing a defensive layer on all metal contact areas.

Saves on inventory costs

The mid-ash, medium dispersant formula offers excellent efficiency in mixed fleets of various engine styles, permitting much less oils for being kept and lowering the possibility of issues developing through product misapplication.

Engine oil made for use within trucks, delivery vans and buses installed with compression-ignition engines. Appropriate for use within automobiles exactly where oils of reduce API CF-4, CE, CD classes are utilized.

See some features of finest D LUX CF 4  diesel engine oil


  • Ensures ideal effectiveness and trustworthiness
  • Maintains the engine neat and decreases it wear by slowing deposits and carbon deposits formation
  • Guarantees easy start-ups at low temperature ranges
  • Decreases refills
  • Fulfills certain requirements regarding the emission of harmful contents of exhaust unwanted gas, supplying secure overall performance of catalytic exhaust gases burners

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