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Powerful D-ONE CI-4

P- Oil feels pleasure to introduce Semi Synthetic D One CL diesel engine oil.


Powerful D-ONE is actually a synthetic formulation and high quality semi synthetic diesel engine oil of API CI-4/SL overall performance, particularly designed for longer draining intervals and much better engine safety.


  • Power presents substantial overall performance enhancements over regular proposed standards.
  • Power ensures much better engine protection with outstanding fuel overall economy.
    • Power preserves high viscosity index functions allowing adequate high viscosity for engine safety throughout engine procedure and occasional viscosity for gas mileage at engine start-up.


The oils are designed on synthetic hydrocarbons and molecularly altered and uniquely processed, solvent dewaxed and hydro refined oil distillates obtained from crude oil. They consist of a properly chosen bundle of anti-oxidation and anticorrosion chemicals along with the additives enhancing washing and dispersing, lubrication, viscosity and temperature characteristics. The oil is made for the lubrication of high speed four-stroke diesel engines in truck-tractors, trucks, delivery vans and particular motor vehicles. The decreased ash content material allows them to be used in city busses. The oil is especially appropriate for engines with combustion gas recirculation system, where it can be adopted as modern solutions for reducing emission of harmful chemicals in the environment.

Read some features about the D One CL diesel engine oil.


  • Supply superb lubrication in all of the working circumstances
  • Limit to your feasible minimal emission of particles from an engine
  • Have improved effectiveness against black sludge development
  • Supply ideal cleanness of the co-operating components
  • Assure prolonged oil change durations in engines of modern construction
  • Satisfy certain requirements associated with release of dangerous exhaust gases material, supplying safe overall performance of catalytic exhaust gases burners that fulfill Euro IV needs within this range

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