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Powerful D-TOP CI-4

Powerful Oil provides fully synthetic D Top CL 4 engine oil bottle.


Premium quality and efficient, multi-grade, heavy-duty fully synthetic diesel engine oil specifically made to lubes a number of diesel along with gasoline engines requiring API CI-4, SJ, ACEA E7 functionality lubrication operating within the toughest services conditions.


  • Blended fleets of European, North American diesel-powered engines (quick, four-stroke, turbocharged as well as the natural way aspirated)Mixed fleets of each diesel as well as gasoline engines
  • Combined fleets such as both new and old gear
  • Industrial road transportation, which includes the most recent electronic controlled engines.
  • It fulfills the primary diesel engine suppliers specifications
  • Stop-and-go automobiles in higher soot launching service for example buses and waste materials collection trucks
  • Off-highway motor vehicles and plant

CUSTOMER Advantages

  • Reduces fleet routine maintenance expenses
  • Outstanding soot dispersancy retains fuel soot in suspension, steering clear of filter plugging, cylinder head sludge, abrasive polishing wear as well as oil thickening.
  • Reduces fleet functioning charges
  • Superb deposit control on valves and piston crown and decreases oil utilization.
  • Extraordinary oxidation balance and soot control expands oil drain capacity to ensure that equipment is in service longer producing sales revenue. Spectacular valve train wear safety keeps gas mileage.
  • Higher level of anti-wear ingredient shields versus valve train wear and scuffing of extremely jam-packed components working under border lubrication circumstances.
  • Extensive viability for various automobiles as it might be utilized in systems suitable for DOT 3, DOT 4.
  • Provides engine life up to upgrade
Have a glance on fully synthetic D TOP CL 4 engine oil Lubricant's features

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