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Powerful PAO Oil

Fully Synthetic Gasoline PAO engine oil  bottle with high quality and low rates.


PAO oil is one of the top quality overall performance, multi-grade motor oil developed under the category of Gasoline engine oil and from chosen synthetic base essential fluids along with race-proved component technologies to be used in traveling car and lightweight pickup truck gasoline engines as well as in passenger car diesel-powered engines beneath all functioning circumstances. Fully synthetic PAO base oil is designed to supply total engine safety in addition a supreme overall performance.


  • Normally aspirated Gasoline engines, LPG and also Diesel engines within passenger vehicles
  • Light-weight truck gasoline plus diesel engines
  • Suggested to be used in gasoline and also diesel powered RV and SUVs(Sport Power Automobiles)
  • Typical Rail Direct Shot engine in traveler vehicles
  • Traveler cars with higher pace, four-stroke, turbocharged as well as EGR, DPF.
  • Four-stroke gas engines in motorbikes and also easily transportable power products in which the supplier suggests standard passenger car motor oils


Enhances engine life

  • The broader temperatures range capacity for the artificial base fluid guarantees appropriate oil viscosity that decreases friction at start-up, and supplies optimum lubrication in the course of hot temperature operations.
  • The efficient anti-wear preservative program lessens wear in perhaps the most advanced valve train system, which includes those that have variable valve timing.
  • Efficiently utilizes power and efficiency
  • Metal detergent as well as ash dispersant ingredient method guarantees utmost energy and satisfaction by giving outstanding management of the ring belt as well as the piston skirt build up, even underneath the most unfortunate operating circumstances.
  • Lower oil usage
  • Synthetic, highly shear-stable formula offers remarkable command over oil flow throughout the ring belt area by preserving oil viscosity, and decreases oil evaporation in the raised ring zone temperature ranges encountered below all operating circumstances.
  • Extended gear life
  • Particular anti-wear ingredient bundle decreases wear by safeguarding floors when weight triggers dysfunction of the lubrication film.
  • Reduced impact emissions
  • Extremely innovative additive engineering provides decrease in hazardous deplete emissions. This particular sophisticated technological innovation overall performance, improved by reduced phosphorus and sulfur method (low SAPS) minimizes ash development and offers a substantial rise in DPF services life.
Read about the key features of 100% synthetic Gasoline Engine oil.

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