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Powerful ATF DX-III

Multi Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III oil presented by P-Oil.


Current automobile and transmitting models put greater force on the automated transmitting fluid. ATF Dexron-III provides improvement over every other previous or presently Automatic Transmission Fluid DX III which is utilized in traveling vehicle with automated transmitting system. It possesses a better quality overall performance because of its level of resistance against oxidation, low temperature fluidity, suitable friction overall performance, high shear steadiness, and close to sludge totally free operations.


As per the GM powertrain certification requirements for the utilization of the DEXRON trademark, ATF DX-III could possibly be appropriate for use within automatic transmissions or any other models, for example power-steering devices, industrial hydraulic devices and air compressors in which the service-fill product is described as DEXRON II E, DEXRON II or DEXRON fluid.


  • Guarantees extended life-time
  • Provides higher foam stableness
  • Offers substantial anti-rusting efficiency while minimizing sludge development
  • Supplies nice beginning operation in cold climates as a result of its exceptional low-temperature fluidity
  • Delivers more firm friction property
Read features of Multi Automatic Transmission Fluid DX III oil.

Gear oil, designed from altered base oils, rich with a perfectly chosen group of improvers. Also suitable for prolonged oil depletion durations in automatic gears of power automobiles and farm machines, in which the producer suggests the oil fulfilling the requirements DEXRON IIIG specs. Work extremely well in power steering along with other devices, demanding the oil of DEXRON IID; IIE; IIIG quality; as well as the HVLP and HLPD hydraulic oil.


  • Exceptional anti-oxidizing as well as anticorrosive safety
  • Higher foaming level of resistance
  • Ensures ideal gear sanitation
  • Decreases wear of gear elements
  • Can be utilized inside expanded oil drain durations (prior to gear manufacturer's suggestions)

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