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Powerful GEAR OIL

Finest Gear fluid presented by Powerful Oil with low price.


Gear Oil is actually a high-performance gear lubrication well suited for transaxle of FF vehicles(front side engine or front steering wheel drive), particularly, transaxle of FF vehicles that really needs premium quality synthetic gear oil which supplies exceptional level of resistance against oxidation especially beneath strangely elevated heat condition and also superb shear balance. P-Oil develops both types of GL4 gear oil and GL5 gear oil. Best Gear Oil is manufactured out of good quality base oils along with preservatives which offer wear resistance, corrosion stableness, antirust as well as anticorrosion characteristics in addition to outstanding shear steadiness.


  • Decreases working expenses by reducing wear and stretching products life
  • Extended service life by fighting off corrosion and oil thickening
  • Shields against deterioration of ferrous and also non-ferrous element
  • Safeguards gears in extreme services via its superb load-carrying plus EP attributes
  • Greases successfully on the extensive temperatures range
Some prominent features of Gear Lubricant powered by P-Oil.

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