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Powerful Hydro

Hydro the finest hydraulic fluid by Powerful Oil Company.


Hydro fluid having common objective with Hydra Fluid, corrosion and oxidation restricted hydraulic oil made for utilized in a number of commercial purposes.

Customer Advantages

  • Offers lengthy service life by dealing with oil thickening as well as the development of harmful sludge or varnish deposits
  • Protects against rust
  • Enables complete elimination of water
  • Prevents mushy or inconsistent hydraulic system function by inhibiting foam development
  • Appropriate for a substantial selection of products.


  • Suggested for mobile as well as stationary hydraulic systems utilizing axial piston type pumps exactly where Rust & Oxidation kind oils are appropriate
  • Suggested to be used in non-turbine circulating techniques as well as in commercial applications demanding Rust and in oxidation inhibited oil, for example motor unit bearings, blowers, compressors, machine equipment and commercial spindles.
  • Suitable for encased gear apps in which antiwear or EP characteristics are certainly not needed.
  • Suggested for all hydraulic systems that make use of a mineral oil dependent fluid, irrespective of pump kind, operating rates of speed and stresses.
  • Should be utilized every time antiwear hydraulic liquids are chosen by the device producer or exactly where high wear has happened when working with non-antiwear hydraulic fluids.
  • Appropriate for enclosed gears functioning under reasonable load circumstances, in addition to commercial circulating devices the place where a rust and oxidation chemical or antiwear oil is essential.
Features of Hydro oil developed with hydraulic tehcnology.

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